[time-nuts] Shera code

EWKehren at aol.com EWKehren at aol.com
Sat May 25 15:58:44 EDT 2013

Questions have come up on the recent release of the Shera  code. All 
software commands with the exception of Auto N get lost in case of  power failure. 
Auto N is stored in EEPROM. After power fail Dip switches take  over. Alpha 
filter can be activated with software commands or switch #5. #5 can  be DAC 
Hold or Alpha present compiled code is Alpha. An open switch on #5 is  
Alpha on. In manual or auto N Alpha is first engaged in filter 4 position. If  
auto N is enabled and there is a power fail and #5 is open code will run up 
to  the value selected by the Dip switches and once it reaches 4 enables 
Alpha  filter. Also some status commands have been added listed below
Bert Kehren
;Status bits  (RS232):
;   bits  
;   0-7     N value as always
;    +10     glitch detected 
;    +20     alpha filter actually used 
;    +50     alpha filter enabled 
;    +100    "unlock" LED on 

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