[time-nuts] Good (cheap) PIC chip choice for project?

ken johnson bats059 at gmail.com
Sun May 26 04:57:16 EDT 2013

John, for guys like us who grew up with basic, there is an excellent
(compiled) pic basic from


I had a look at c, but decided at my time of life I wanted to produce
working projects not learn new (cryptic to me) languages so I stuck with
what I was comfortable with.

As others have already said, occasionally you may need a tight bit of
assembler for critical things but otherwise the high-level languages are
the way to go.

Ken, vk7krj

On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 1:47 PM, <johncroos at aol.com> wrote:

> Nice topic. I learned at bit. One source of info on the PIC is a course
> book and
> programming kit, programmer, prototype board and components set up by the
> www.arrl.org
> You get all the stuff you need to get going. Software and a integrated
> development environment is provided. All in one package. They also have a
> couple of new courses on the Raspberry PI and the Arduino.
> I got into the PIC course last summer, read the extensive course book and
> learned to program the things. Made lights blink - also made LCD say "Hi
> Hottie" to my wife.
> My only comments -
> 1. Nice course for a beginner - my roots are old and in BASIC and FORTRAN
>  Still used today, on junker laptops. So it was fun go fool with assembly
> for while.
> 2. My impression is that the PICs are powerful if you do a lot with one,
> but there is a lot of work involved to get up the learning curve.
> 3. My conclusion is that my next venture - should it occur will be with an
> integrated product that I can program in high level, with good input and
> some display capability, because I just want to get on with the project,
> but then I am not making a production device.
> Others comments re the more complex boards appreciated and noted for
> future reference.
> -73 john k6iql
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