[time-nuts] Follow-up question re: microcontroller families

Didier Juges shalimr9 at gmail.com
Sun May 26 15:44:59 EDT 2013

Bah, 8 pins is way overkill for a fan controller, Microchip has a uC in a SOT-6 package that could probably do the job :)


Chris Albertson <albertson.chris at gmail.com> wrote:

>> But for many applications, the inevitable overhead
>> (power, heat, external components, OS, etc) simply
>> eliminates the gain of having a better/faster CPU.
>> Sometimes I end up using a 6 or 8 pin PIC with only
>> a few lines of code to to solve complex problems where
>> a (F)PGA/CPLD design would be a lot of work and a
>> 16/32bit microcontroller simply overkill.
>As it turns out there are a LOT more simple jobs than there are
>complex jobs.  This is why they make and sel a lot motr 8-t
>controllers than they sell 32-bit controllers.
>For example I want to control the cooling fan for a rubidium
>oscillator's heat sink.   I only need three pins, 1) the temperature
>sensor, 2) Fan tachometer pulse, fan voltage.  A $1 "tiny AVR" 8-pin
>chip can handle this just fine and we are talking about 20 lines of
>code maybe after the pins are set up.  Using an ARM and running an OS
>would be silly overkill.
>Chris Albertson
>Redondo Beach, California
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