[time-nuts] Legal Time dissemination

Miguel Barbosa Gonçalves m at mbg.pt
Tue May 28 07:52:42 EDT 2013


Lately I've been using the two stratum 2 servers our national observatory
provides to the public mainly as backup for my GPS based local NTP servers.

I've always found odd that one of them exhibited an erratic behaviour when
compared to the other one.

I decided to use ntpdate on one of my stratum 1 machines (Trimble
AcutimeGold in position hold mode; looking at my loopstats file my
clock is always
within 5 us of UTC) against these 2 servers every minute for a while and
plotted the results. Offset is in seconds and time is UTC.

I am on a fibre asymmetrical connection 100 Mbps/25 Mbps. The offsets for
the best behaved server are expected but... the other server?

After gathering enough data I'll contact them as ask what is the problem
with the server...


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