[time-nuts] Legal Time dissemination

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Tue May 28 08:56:43 EDT 2013

I would do a traceroute and see if the path is the same going to both servers, that can eliminate some variables.

Beyond that it would take some detective work on their side. It could be the hardware for each machine is different. Different poll
lengths. Different server loads. Different NTP versions. Different antenna locations and one is getting some interference.

You can try doing a: ntpq -c rv (remote ip) to see if you can query the stats of the remote machines, that might give you some clues
as to what's going on.

> Lately I've been using the two stratum 2 servers our national observatory
> provides to the public mainly as backup for my GPS based local NTP servers.
> I've always found odd that one of them exhibited an erratic behaviour when
> compared to the other one.
> I decided to use ntpdate on one of my stratum 1 machines (Trimble
> AcutimeGold in position hold mode; looking at my loopstats file my
> clock is always
> within 5 us of UTC) against these 2 servers every minute for a while and
> plotted the results. Offset is in seconds and time is UTC.

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