[time-nuts] Looking for datasheet for Oscilloquartz 8602

Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
Tue May 28 13:55:46 EDT 2013

On Tue, 28 May 2013 09:27:55 +0200
Magnus Danielson <magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org> wrote:

> > Hmm.. IIRC AT cut oscillators have the "problem" of frequency jumps
> > on slight temperature changes. Using an AT cut oscillator thus kind
> > of defeats the effort of doing a BVA.
> Frequency jumps isn't a particular feature of AT cut, but rather to 
> cleanness of the crystal and mechanical stresses. The BVA strategy aims 
> to reduce systematic shift, it is then baked out to remove residues that 
> is known to cause issues. There is a good article on it amongst the PTTI 
> papers.

Can you give a little more hints on which paper you mean?

> Also, it's an oven within a dewar flask, so temperature 
> conditions is pretty stable. The AT-cut BVA is far from the same thing 
> that a typical TTL-can AT-cut is. There seems to be an overbeleif in the 
> cut and not look at all the other things that needs to come together to 
> make a great oscillator.

Juup. I just went back to Vig's tutorial and read up what he wrote.
Misremembering things is not a good thing...
But then, he explicitly writes that SC cut gives a higher stability
over AT cut due to lower temperature dependence and less dips.

> That is overpriced. An OSA 8602 should have about the same price as OSA 
> 8600, whatever the going price of that is.

I haven't explicitly asked for a price of the 8600, as it isn't sold anymore.
But the price of a new 8607 (their only BVA they still sell, with SC cut
crystall and all bells and whistles) is a mere ten percent higher then
the initial price of what he tries to sell the 8602 for.
So i wouldnt say the 8602 is overpriced, but rather it's horribly

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