[time-nuts] NTP Clock suggestions?

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Tue May 28 14:55:38 EDT 2013

albertson.chris at gmail.com said:
> OK, the LOWEST cost option I can think of for driving an analog clock with
> millisecond accuracy.   Buy a normal AC powered clock that uses a
> synchronous AC motor that runs off the 60Hz AC power, not a battery powered
> clock.  Then have your NTP disciplined computer generate a 60Hz audio sine
> wave.  Amplify the sine wave to 12 volts then use a small 12:120 volt
> transformer to step up to 120VAC.  ...

Can you still get those clocks?  I haven't seen one in a while, but I haven't 
been looking.

I just poked "Alarm Clock" into google.  The  first few hits were internet 
stuff.  Next was Amazon.  Their page had roughly 20 clocks, but only a few of 
them had hands and they didn't run off the wall.

Another approach would be to connect the stepper motor coils from a battery 
operated clock to your favorite small processor, and clock that chip with 10 
MHz from your GPSDO.  I think I've seen a web page on that stuff, but I don't 
remember where.


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