[time-nuts] 8566B with Ovenaire 10Mhz oven.

Mark C. Stephens marks at non-stop.com.au
Wed May 29 06:44:57 EDT 2013

I have recently obtained the holy grail for me - an 8566B.
They are rare as hens teeth in Australia!

I have a 8568B as well and my phase noise floor is somewhere way down there on that machine ;)

However it appears the internal 10Mhz reference had died on the new (old) 8566B.

I haven't room on the bench due to 5 things going at once so I ran it up on the kitchen table for the benefit of the kids - they are going to inherit all this junk I guess :p

I didn't plug an external standard in to check the rest of circuitry because that's down in the workshop.
Perhaps I need a house standard output in the lounge? ;)

Hmm Anyway, did some quick checks and I think the voltages are all there, but my manual has the 10811 oven assembly which the Pin outs are completely different.

Anyone spied a 8566B manual with the Ovenaire OSC-49-61C connections?
Or even just the connections so  I can work on the Ovenaire on the bench.

The output has a 10Mhz SMB on the right side and a row of six feed through caps on the left.
Bottom to top

1.       Black

2.       Orange

3.       Purple

4.       Red

5.       Black

6.       Linked to pin 5.

I guess It won't be too hard to work out by tracing the circuit but I like to leave the innards of these things undisturbed as much as possible.


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