[time-nuts] 8566B with Ovenaire 10Mhz oven.

Mark C. Stephens marks at non-stop.com.au
Wed May 29 10:37:46 EDT 2013

Good Day Ed,

Yes, I installed the missing little BNC jumper and set the switch to internal reference.
As I mentioned before I am not too keen on disturbing the innards of these due to cal reasons. I mean 22GHz is way up there..
So, nope, I left that sucker in there until I get room on my bench to collect further information from counter etc.
I left it powered up on the kitchen table for a good 30 minutes.

I am learning patience from you Ed, you know ;)

I could, I supposed dragged a counter up to check the O/P but from the YTO and REF UNL messages and the fact the OCXO was dead cold I am reasonably sure the ovens the problem.

But that's an interesting titbit of information to hold onto.

My 3585 is like that too, Unlocked messages until it warms up.
Unless you leave it plugged in, it must keep the oven warm while on standby.
I wonder if this is the case for the 8566 too?


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Before you tear into the OCXO, have you checked to be sure it is properly connected and set up, and its working conditions are right?

There must be a BNC jumper on the back to connect the 10 MHz, and the reference selector switch set to internal.

Furthermore, the power to the XO section is not turned on until the OC is warmed up, so a quick checkout may wrongly point to OCXO failure. There is an indicator LED in the power supply circuitry that shows when the XO power is on. You have to leave the 8566B plugged in to the mains for at least ten to fifteen minutes to be sure it will go.


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