[time-nuts] 8566B with Ovenaire 10Mhz oven.

Frederick Bray fwbray at mminternet.com
Wed May 29 11:24:17 EDT 2013

Hi Mark,

Did you see this site?  This person also had the unlock problem and some 


I just worked on an Ovenaire in an old Cushman service monitor.  I 
thought that the oven was bad because it didn't seem warm compared to 
other OCXO's I have seemed.   However, it actually was working and 
apparently has better insulation than some smaller ones.  So, if your 
Ovenare is physically large, it may be okay.

It did have problems with cycling correctly and I found the problem to 
be an internal trimpot.  Once that was replaced, it became quite 
stable.  I had never opened an OCXO before, but once inside found it 
easy to work on.

Good luck.

Fred Bray

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