[time-nuts] NTP Clock suggestions?

Ralph Smith ralph at ralphsmith.org
Thu May 30 15:07:02 EDT 2013

On Mon, May 27, 2013 10:56 am, Miguel Barbosa Gonçalves wrote:
> On 27 May 2013 14:56, Bob Camp <lists at rtty.us> wrote:
>> Also correct, but a bit of a joke answer:
>> Raspberry PI driving your television set.  Alternatively make the Pi
>> feed
>> control signals to a hacked normal clock.
> Good joke :-) I imagine the electricity bill at the end of the month.
> I would like to have a clock sync with my super precise stratum 1 servers
> :-) what's the point in having them if I can see the time anywhere? :-)

Not quite what you are originally looking for, and not in the 'cheap'
vein, but I drive a Western Union/Self-Winding Clock Company clock with an
hourly sync pulse from my stratum 1 NTP server built from a Soekris
Net4501 driven by a Trimble Thunderbolt. It loses some of the 150ns
precision of the Soekris, but it is consistently within a second or two.
Also, it is a beautiful, historical item and fits well with the rest of my
office. Hearing the hourly thump of the synchronization solenoid makes me



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