[time-nuts] 9390 GPS RX

Arthur Dent golgarfrincham at yahoo.com
Fri May 31 08:26:29 EDT 2013

On May 24th Mark C. Stephens asked:
"Does the 9390-5588A have the 16.618 Mhz Vectron oscillator externaly 
located on one of the wire wrap boards?"

Well I had to dig it out and open it up to see. Actually I mispoke 
when I said my 9390 had an FRK, it turned out that was another unit
I was thinking of, this 9390 has an FRS-C dated 1994. I have a photo
link to the innards of that 9390 and it doesn't appear to have a 
seperate osc like 2 of my older 9390s. I will say that other than the
time display having the 1024 week error that this 9390 works quite well.

An older 9390 I have isn't as high as the one you have but has the 
same height circuit boards mounted at an angle so they would fit into
the smaller chassis. That unit has the somewhat standard 16.368Mhz
OXCO with cable going to the receiver board. Power supply problems in
this 9390 just like yours except this p.s. is a sealed unit.

The oldest unit I have is a much higher unit and has larger circuit 
boards and lots of interconnecting cables and that one has never 
worked and maybe some day I'll get a chance to look at it but as 
a practical matter it probably isn't worth the effort. The link 
below has a photo of the oldest big 9390 and to the left of it 
you can see the height of the 9390 with the slanting circuit 

As I said it appears that the 9390 model number covers a wide range
of different configurations, styles, and dates and they were almost
all one of a kind units. This makes getting a manual for a particular
unit difficult. 


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