[time-nuts] M12+T module questions

Jim Miller jim at jtmiller.com
Sat Apr 5 07:04:06 EDT 2014


Thanks for the connector/cable info.

Regarding the battery:

> I used a 2032 coin cell battery and holder I un-soldered from an dead PC
> Even a coin cell will last its shelf life at least.

According to the manual the module is designed for a rechargeable type
while the lithium coin cells I'm aware of (e.g. 2032) are primary and not
rechargeable. There is already a battery holder there which is perhaps 6mm
in diameter. There is a tiny marking next to it "UV-R1" or "UV-M1".

I'm aware of the need to shift the levels from the PC. Thanks for the
reminder however.


jim ab3cv

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