[time-nuts] Is this ocxo salvageable?

David McQuate mcquate at sonic.net
Wed Apr 9 02:58:55 EDT 2014

The output looks differentiated, as would happen if the wire connecting 
the internal circuit to the output pin became open, leaving only a very 
small capacitance to couple the square wave out.


On 4/8/2014 11:46 PM, Chris Albertson wrote:
> My Bliley square wave 10MHz OCXO was working just fine for close to 30
> hours until a few hours ago.  Now it puts out a rather noisy waveform about
> one volt peak to peak.
> Two questions:
> (1) Are these things repairable, the metal can is soldered.
> (2) As you can see in the attached oscilloscope photo the OCXO still puts
> out a strong 10MHZ component.  What is the best way to filter this and
> recover a good 10MHZ square wave?
> In the linked photo, both channels are set to 1 volt per division.  The
> large sine wave is from a Trimble Thunderbolt and the smaller wave is from
> the failed ocxo  The EFC is left open (disconnected) and a you can see the
> frequency is spot on 10MHz.
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/0gy3yobd4myi4vp/waveform.jpg

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