[time-nuts] ARM boards for low-cost GPSDOs

Scott Newell newell+timenuts at n5tnl.com
Thu Apr 10 19:47:42 EDT 2014

At 04:38 PM 4/10/2014, Hal Murray wrote:

>Does anybody have a favorite low-cost ARM board?  I'm looking for a simple

I'm using one of the TI Tiva C series Launchpads for my ovenized PC 
xtal project. ~$13, 80 MHz Cortex M4F (f=floating point), 256 kB 
flash, 32kB ram, 12 bit ADCs, 32 bit timers (some can be split into 
16 bit, some can chain to 64 bit).


I like it a lot (but I've not done much with it, certainly nothing 
exciting with the timers), but those STM32 discovery boards sound 
*really* nice, too.

newell  N5TNL 

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