[time-nuts] Looking for GPSDO for home use

David Feldman wb0gaz at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 15 11:27:08 EDT 2014

I found this reflector after searching for GPSDO that would be suitable for individual purchase/use. Each time I found an article about GPSDO projects, that lead me to a surplus GPS module that is either no longer available, not current production, undocumented, or otherwise difficult to source. I don't mind doing my own building/integration, and am not adverse to starting with a used or suplus component, I'm not sure where to start in terms of sourcing the GPS module/antenna/etc. My main need is for something to serve as a primary frequency standard (i.e., 10 MHz output) I can use to set a voltage controlled OCXO I just installed in my (otherwise cheap chinese) frequency counter. It seems there are some modules that have/had 10 kHz output; that would work too. Even 1 PPS output seems like a workable starting point, but at the expense of a different and/or more difficult path to get to a 10 MHz reference signal I seek.

Any advance or pointer to source (reasonable cost, whatever that means!) would be appreciated.


wb0gaz at yahoo.com

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