[time-nuts] I can't get a nice waveform from my rubidium !

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your output is a square wave on 50 Ohm as write close the connector. Use
this filter to have a clean sinewave  output.




On Thu 17/04/14 7:32 AM , Claude Fender  wrote:Hello List,
 I've recently bought a Quartzlock 10A R (rubidium). Does anyone has
experience with this unit?

 unit has two outputs with no options. The problem is the shape of the
 waveform (see attachments), it's the same shape for the two outputs.
 When I
 connect an output directly to the oscilloscope, the shape is nearly
 "squared" and when I use a probe, the shape is nearly "sine" !

 When I send a 10 MHz signal from a generator, the waveform is a clean sine
with or whithout the probe.

 So what signal should I except from this rubidium ? Or most probably, what
is wrong with my use of the oscilloscope ?
 (The frequency is ok by the way (+2E-10) and I didn't open the case yet)

 Thanks for any advice


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