[time-nuts] optically excite a quartz crystal?

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sun Apr 20 16:28:06 EDT 2014

Hi Corby,

On 04/20/2014 07:35 PM, cdelect at juno.com wrote:
> After reading about how the BVA oscillators avoid the problems of "on
> crystal" electrodes I was wondering if anyone has tried to optically
> excite a quartz crystal in an oscillator?
> (Use a modulated laser to drive the bare crystal, and a photodetector
> setup to detect and provide feedback?)
> Seems like it might work. Any comments?

I only wonder if you can get sufficient drive-level that way. I haven't 
heard about a way to drive quartz optically even if I can consider a few 
different mechanisms. You have any papers on that?

Optically sensing the vibration I consider trivial.


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