[time-nuts] DCF77/PZF correlation after outage

Ben ben at 1k2.nl
Tue Apr 22 05:35:49 EDT 2014


Thanks for your reply. The correlation coefficient is almost back at the 
normal level. I will search some old logs to see if previous outages also 
shows the same behaviour. It could be perfectly normal.

> Hm, the description embedded in the graph says the *yellow* line shows the 
> *correlation* which is immediately coming back after the outage, as expected.

I am sorry, my mistake, I've created a new graph.

> The blue line sould be the "field strength", which is indeed increasing very 
> slowly. I'm not sure how you have extracted the field strength from the M200, 
> but this is probably only some AGC control value which just needs to be 
> sufficient to yield proper correlation. There is no parameter available in 
> the LANTIME which reports the true DCF77 field strength.

The data is extracted via SNMP. According to the MIB:

mbgLtNgRefclockStatusA - pzf     : correlation
mbgLtNgRefclockStatusB - all     : field strength

Version: LANTIME V6.14.021

Best regards,

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