[time-nuts] Low SNR GPS reception and cheap LNAs

Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
Fri Apr 25 09:28:22 EDT 2014


I recently bought a bladeRF[1] to experiment a bit with GPS decoding.

I tried to get GNSS-SDR[2] which seems quite good, but has its flaws.
One of the things was that i cannot seem to get a fix in my environment.
One of the problems seems that my antenna position is far from optimal.
Aparently, GNSS-SDR uses only a very rudimentary acquisition technique
(at least so i have been told). Now i wonder what techniques for low SNR
acquisition are around. Would someone be so kind and give me some key
words to google for?

I also am looking to add an LNA to my reception chain, which is a
mix of a 50R antenna with 75R Coaxcable (sat coax stuff is just a lot
cheaper :-). Has anyone a recomendation for a good LNA that can be used
in a flying construction (soldering onto two back-to-back glued connectors)?
Ie it shouldnt be a QFN or BGA. DFN works but i'd rather have something
with pins, like SC-70/SOT-323 or similar/larger.

			Attila Kinali

[1] www.nuand.com/bladeRF
[2] www.gnss-sdr.org

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