[time-nuts] Rb vs.Crystal OCXO

Hans Holzach hans.holzach at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 08:14:37 EDT 2014


if i understand correctly, while in holdover, activated by 
sync:hold:init, temperature and aging compensation are still active (as 
it should be). however, to measure drift, i have to somehow disable 
these compensations, haven't i?

yesterday, i wrote down the values of temperature and aging 
compensation, then set both to 0. in holdover the software does not seem 
to recalculate the values, at least not during the hour or two i had the 
oscillator unlocked. on uli's Z38XX the EFC curve was flat, unlike when 
temperature and aging compensation are active (or not 0) during 
holdover. one hour or so after sync:hold:rec:init i checked the values 
again, and they were very close to the values before i reset them to 0.

my question is: would this be the correct procedure to have a truely 
unlocked oscillator: start holdover and then set tempco and aging to 0?

thank you,


     There is an easier method that does not jiggle the board mechanically:

     The command:


     Disables the disciplining.


     Re-enables disciplining.

     The sync:tint? command can be used to check the drift while in 


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