[time-nuts] Z3805A: How to correct a 1024 week date error?

James Robbins jsrobbins at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 2 21:07:42 EST 2014

Brief update:

This receiver (whatever it is) refuses to "forget" 1995 despite un-powering, etc.  I will learn to live with it, I think.

It was sold to me as a "Z3801A updated to 58503A".  

1.  The main board is labeled "Z3805A" (Not Z3801A) as are some of the chips.  
2.  It has only one 10 MHz output although there are two plugged holes labeled "1PPS" and "alarm" on the back of the case along with one DB25 connector.
3.  It has 4 LEDs on the front.  
4.  It also has two SMB connectors on the board one of which output 1pps (negative going voltage) and the other outputs a fixed positive voltage of about 3.8v DC.  (I can't find any mention of these on-board connectors in any references to the Z3801A or other boards.)
5.  It has a double 10811 oven.
6.  It has the usual secondary board for the DC supply and runs on 24V dc.
7.  It responds to GPSCon commands, although peculiarly, while it reports sats, etc it does not (so far) draw graphs of the EFC, etc in the GPSCon program.
8.  It reports to the GPSCon program that it is a Z3801A!

I would appreciate any thoughts as to what this "hybrid" is.

Jim Robbins

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