[time-nuts] Oncore m12+t PPS sawtooth correction board.

Tom Wimmenhove tom.wimmenhove at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 22:56:12 EST 2014

I'm using a soekris net4501 that I hacked according to
I have hacked a Motorola Oncore M12+T receiver inside the case on a piece
of veroboard. It's really ugly, using a bunch of discretes for RS232
translation and such.
A BNC on the front privides PPS for use with other external hardware.
Recenlty I felt the need to add hardware sawtooth correction. I want to use
the Dallas DS1023 chip to do this. I designed a little board as a 'carrier'
for the motorola, a little micro, the delay line for sawtooth correction
and rs232 for the soekris (but could, of course, also be used to connect to
any other device that has RS232).

I was wondering if there was any interest from other people for a little
board like this. I don't have the parts yet, but the DS1023 is pretty much
the most exotic part on the board.

I have attached some pictures of the design.

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