[time-nuts] tutorial on phase noise and PLLs?

Alexander Pummer alexpcs at ieee.org
Thu Dec 4 14:54:13 EST 2014

Hi Jim look here: 
1981, /Dieter Scherer/, "Generation of Low /Phase Noise/ Microwave 
Signals" ... 1978, /Dieter Scherer/, "Design Principles and Test Methods 
for Low /Phase Noise/ ... [http://www.hparchive.com/seminar_notes.htm ]
On 12/4/2014 11:41 AM, Jim Lux wrote:
> I'm looking for a real short (3-4 slides or a website, really) 
> description of why the phase noise of a PLL (microwave) looks the way 
> it does, explaining (in sort of qualitative terms) how the phase noise 
> transitions from the VCO (outside the loop bandwidth) to the reference 
> (inside the loop bandwidth)..
> And in particular, what the phase noise curve looks like if the loop 
> bandwidth is chosen incorrectly, or if the VCO or reference has more 
> or less noise than expected.

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