[time-nuts] PRS-45 Cs Standard

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Fri Dec 5 21:50:27 EST 2014

Hi Bob,
It's pretty much clean.  There is a "Datum is now Symmetricom" decal, as well as a Symmetricom decal.  There is a round paper sticker that says "Datum TT&M" with a date and probably someone's initials.  And what looks like a small paper sticker on the back that was removed.  There was also a chassis ground that was so badly attached I can't imagine it ever being done in a working environment.   Nothing else.  I may have gotten lucky.  Guess I'll find out next week when my power supply comes in.
BTW, I did find the post I was thinking of.  It was by Bill Ezell back in 2008:

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What counts is running hours. There is no way to know how many running hours the gizmo has just from looking at the manufacturing date. It could have been constant service the whole time. It might have just sat on a spares shelf. Another pretty good bet is that it was a sales demo unit that saw intermittent use over the time period. If there are no (obvious) asset tags or company property stickers on it, the sales demo bumps up the list a bit. 



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