[time-nuts] OT - For those without enough watches

Mike Monett timenuts at binsamp.e4ward.com
Mon Dec 8 02:32:46 EST 2014

I tried posting this earlier but it didn't show up. My apologies if it
does. On the Christmas theme, here's a nice Christmas gift for Time-Nuts

I recently bought two Casio WWVB watches on sale. They work extremely well.


I live in Midland, Ontario, about 2104 km from Fort Collins, on a
bearing of 094 degrees magnetic. Here is a map showing the distance
and direction:


Here is the map showing the readability of the WWVB code. Midland is much
further than LaCrosse,  Wisconsin:


The building I live in has aluminum siding on the west and south
sides, which I assume would reduce the signal strength. More
significant is the 24 hour flourescent lighting which blanks out the
entire AM broadcast band and the low shortwave bands. I have to go
about 100 meters away from the building before I can start to pick
up shortwave broadcasts.

Despite this, the Casio watches still pick up the WWVB broadcasts
and lock on the first try at midnight.

As a long-time amateur radio operator and Time-Nuts fan, I am
very impressed with this performance. It is an outstanding
example of good design on both ends.

There's still time to get one for Xmas. For $24, it's a nice backup for 
your H-Maser.


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