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Mon Dec 8 19:53:37 EST 2014

We solved that problem by attaching the regulators to the FRK back plate  
which is with fan control is kept within 0.01C. We did not do it for that  
purpose but found that we needed some more heat in order to keep the fan in an 
 optimum fan speed. Rb, OCXO and Fan power transistor are on the back 
plate.  Works for us.
Bert Kehren
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Dan  Kemppainen wrote:
> Hi,
> In playing with some oscillators  and a GPSDO here, I think I'm seeing
> a voltage sensitivity  issue.
> So, I started looking at the output voltage of various  regulators vs.
> temp. Using standard LM/UA type linear regulators and  some LDO's, they
> all appear to be pretty sensitive to temperature.  (millivolt / few
> degrees Fahrenheit sort of sensitivity). Most of the  datasheets seem
> to ignore temp sensitivity. Almost like they are so  bad they don't
> want to publish it...
> Does anyone have  hints on TO-220 or D-Pak type regulators that have
> really good temp  coefficients and good line regulation? A few PPM/Deg
> C might be nice,  if possible. Or am I into a 'roll you own' type
> design...
>  Dan

Yes, in order to get low PPM stability, you are going  to "roll your own". 
No 3-terminal regulator or reference that I know of  can run an OXCO 
and oscillator).
What are your voltage and  current requirements?

Dave M  

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