[time-nuts] 1900kHz radiolcation testing on east coast US?

Frister frister at gmx.net
Mon Dec 8 21:17:36 EST 2014


On 12/8/14, John C. Westmoreland, P.E. <john at westmorelandengineering.com> wrote:
> Hello Frits,
> Interesting.  A little different than what I heard - but of course depends
> on the bandwidth somewhat.

I think my bandwidth was set at about 8 Khz

> How many dB was this up from the noise floor?  Or - what is the signal
> level of the received signal?
> What modulation did you try to decode or did you just set it wide-AM?

I've build a down converter in my old IC-735 and have about 22 Khz of spectrum
to look at at once. Using Xlinrad as the SDR. Had the audio passband
in Double Side Band mode.. 4 kHz below and 4 kHz above the center
Signal strength in Linrad wasn't calibrated , but on the icom analog
meter S9+30 dB

> I saw something like I mentioned around 1.915 MHz.  It then dropped down to
> around 1.913 MHz - and then it went away.
> I did make a recording - but I didn't get the best part due to the signal
> moving down a bit - from 1.915 to 1.913 MHz.
> Thanks,
> John

73 Frits W1FVB


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