[time-nuts] PRS-45A is alive!

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Tue Dec 9 01:11:49 EST 2014

  Hi Pete,
I don't have any way of knowing.  I've asked the seller if he has a copy of the control software, and I don't like to go back with a bunch of petty questions like that.  The next issue is adapting some serial port software i wrote to the protocol in the manual Magnus sent to see if I can pull the status codes out.  That would probably tell me something.  

I have some tests I want to run immediately on my GPSDO and the KS to settle the question of which one can't keep time.  After that, I'll power it down, lift its skirts and take some pics.  It's pretty simple on the surface: a Cs Beam Tube, a main board, a microwave package with MTI 5Mhz OCXO, and the HV and LV power supplies.
I don't intend to keep this thing running 24/7, but I have a question:   Here in Houston, we have the occasional large thunderstorm and resulting short power outages.  So, should I put a latching relay in the power stream to keep it off if I lose power?  The budget is now officially busted, and a UPS is not going to happen for awhile.  Santa's sleigh is now officially out of gas.
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Love to have known how long it was off, and how much of that 16
minutes was getting the tube degassed.


On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 7:11 PM, Bob Stewart <bob at evoria.net> wrote:
> Well, it's alive, and I even have 10MHz coming from it.  It took about 16 minutes to go to lock.  Is that good, or doesn't matter?  Now I've got to put together a serial cable and see if I can talk to it and find out how it thinks it's doing.  But, this is good!
> www.evoria.net/AE6RV/PRS-45A/2014-12-08%2020.51.33.jpg
> Hope you enjoy the wall decorations.  =)
> Bob - AE6RV
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