[time-nuts] HP5334A Option 010 replacement connector J8

Hendrik Dietrich don_hendi at gmx.de
Wed Dec 10 17:12:30 EST 2014

Hello list,

same guy who direct-wired a STP2390C into a HP5334A earlier this year 
back here again. As a christmas holidays nano-project I made a little 
PCB to have a nice plug-in module instead of a snake nest. Today the 
boards arrived from the factory, and it was a lesson in "dont try to 
design a PCB when 2 little ones are running around you". Swapped two 
pins. Minor other things. But nothing that a drill press, scalpel and a 
piece of enameled wire can`t fix. Also users outside germany might want 
to use the permanent powered +30V rail instead of the +15V I settled for 
and so far cannot decide if I also change.

Besides the STP2390C, it needs to be populated with a 7812 voltage 
regulator and some chicken food, and with a little cable run a Trimpot 
on the "OSC ADJ" opening can be connected too. Space for add-ons 
provided, mine has 1K in series from osc output to PCB output.

Details will follow soon, I will post a description with updated eagle 
files on my website.

Now I have some leftovers that I would like to offer time-semi-nuts that 
want such a OCXO in their beautiful 5334A.
€3 for a unmodified buggy board, €5 for a board with the "subtractive 
corrections", say drill and cut sound about okay? Of course with 
additional shipping fee from germany that I have to figure out, bare 
PCB, no other parts.

Best regards,


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