[time-nuts] Beaglebone NTP server

Brian Lloyd brian at lloyd.aero
Wed Dec 10 16:58:07 EST 2014

Well, I am hoping to get to the point where the path to using the BBB as an
NTP server using the PRU for more precise timing, and using the LTE-lite to
provide the 1pps and time data. Of course, the LTE-lite can also provide
1pps and 10MHz to my workbench. (It's all going to go in a 1U box in the
rack next to my workbench.)

Yes, I know that all the information is out there and much if it can be
gleaned from this list by following several threads back through several
months. But that brings to mind playing Adventure. Has anyone compiled a
how-to for turning a BBB into an NTP server using the PRU for timing? Seems
like a straight-forward and useful turn-key kind of thing.

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