[time-nuts] Errors on HP 58503A GPS time & frequency reference receiver bought from yixunhk

Peter timenut at exemail.com.au
Thu Dec 11 22:54:57 EST 2014

Hi David

> "The fact it does actually work, probably indicates there's nothing too serious wrong with it."

In my opinion, you potentially (pun intended) have a very serious problem.  Your LOG shows the 15V supply rail out of tolerance at 19.46V.  That is, nearly 30% high - it could be even higher at other times.  This should never happen.  Such excesses may permanently damage board components.  Do not tempt fate - power off the equipment immediately before it self-destructs.

Replacement of the PS brick may be required and while they are available at reduced prices they are not inexpensive.

You have purchased a non-functional fake and I would instigate action to recoup my payment.  I regularly purchase electronics out of China via eBay/PayPal and fakes are everywhere.  My policy is to never return fakes ("it is against the law to post fake items" and in any case they are worthless - particularly if they are faulty) and demand a full refund.  While this may require some effort in communication, PayPal has always come to the party.  In my opinion, if you return fakes they are simply on-sold to other victims.

Yixunhk is well known as an eBay seller who will take you for a ride, both financially and technically.  If you are considering a purchase from him, first do your research - Google the blog of fellow time-nut Mark Stephens VK2HMC, and his time-nuts posts.  As another victim, he has a few words to say.


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