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> Hi Bob,
>   I've sent the PCB to the factory and I am waiting for the new board. This time, it's a 4-layer borad and changed from CPLD to FPGA. This is the first time of FPGA & 4-layer project. Hope everthing be OK.

Very nice looking. I hope it works !!!

>   TPS79333 as the LDO for TDC. Better PSRR and noise spec than before (XC6206). Analog and digital parts have their dedicated LDO. 
>   While I'm waiting the the new board. I did a test with PRS10 & FE5650 with current board. It's strange that the 20s adev of "without linear regression" is better than "with linear regression”

Be careful pre-processing ADEV data. There are a variety of statistical “traps” you can fall into. An overly simple explanation is that ADEV looks at noise and that most pre-processing is a filter. Filters take out noise. Finding one that only takes out the “bad noise” and keeps the “good noise” can be quite difficult. 

What exactly are you doing in your linear regression computation? 


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