[time-nuts] Which First GPSDO to buy?

Bob Camp kb8tq at n1k.org
Fri Dec 12 19:45:34 EST 2014


A couple of differences: 

1) The Lucent is a two box system, the GPSTM is a single box

2) The GPSTM is 1/2 of an operating pair. The Lucent ($150 version) is a full pair. 

3) Both units are “fixed coefficient” boxes. Neither one can be modified (the way a T Bolt can).

4) The GPSTM works with Lady Heather. The Lucent works (sort of) with Z38x

5) The ADEV (stability) of the Lucent is better than the GPSTM. I posted plots of both about a month ago.

6) The Lucent’s are “new in box / old stock”. The GPSTM’s are surplus / salvage parts. 

7) The GPSTM has a “pulse every 2 seconds” output. The Lucent puts out a PPS. The pps is much more useful. 

A few similarities:

1) The samples of both devices I have seen have worked well. My GPSTM’s came from a US seller. 

2) Both units were designed for cell tower service. Neither one is designed as a frequency standard.

3) Both run off an external DC supply. 

4) The GPSTM has a bunch of fairly useless outputs at cell phone data rates. The Lucent has a 15 MHz output. 

5) Both boxes have a 10 MHz output. 

Of the two, at the moment, the Lucent is the better buy.


> On Dec 12, 2014, at 6:20 PM, Dave Daniel <kc0wjn at gmail.com> wrote:
> All,
> As a relative newcomer to this list, I have been reading the posts concerning GPSDOs. I have what I hope is a simple question.
> For a newcomer to this field, which GPSDO would be better to purchase as a first-time acquisition:
> - This "LUCENT/SYMMETRICOM Z3810AS, KS24361 L101/L102, HP-KIO OEM GPSDO TIMING SYSTEM", eBay item 321560316836, or
> - This "Nortel Trimble NTBW50AA GPSTM 10MHz Oscillator GPSDO + Antenna &Acc. Thunderbolt", eBay item 301434579384
> I am looking for a reference for my lab. Experimentation with GPSDOs will come later.
> Thanks
> DaveD
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