[time-nuts] Which First GPSDO to buy?

Anthony Roby aroby at antamy.com
Fri Dec 12 19:57:42 EST 2014

I'm in the same beginners' category as you.  I'd do more but have other projects on the go and have found I would need more equipment (GPIB interfaces, a spectrum analyzer etc) to get much further.  That said, I like the Lucent KS24361 and have a few bits and pieces on order to tap into J8 on the board of REF-1 and double the 5MHz for use in the lab.  I picked up a decent antenna on eBay, it's probably not in an ideal spot but that was a tradeoff between aesthetics on the house / access to pull a coax down to the basement / height of my ladder, and it seems to work fine.  Power supply was also auction-sourced for less than $20 and runs nicely.  I think eventually I'll make a panel and install the unit in my basement rack.

I have no need for the time-nuts accuracy, but I have to say I've found this whole area fascinating and have learned a ton over the past couple of months toying around with this stuff and absorbing the expertise from the group here.


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kc0wjn at gmail.com said:
> For a newcomer to this field, which GPSDO would be better to purchase 
> as  a first-time acquisition: ...

I'd suggest the Lucent KS24361.  Lots of people here have them so it will be easy to get advice.

Aside from the GPSDO, you also need a power supply and antenna, and coax to 
get to the antenna.  It will work a lot better if the antenna is in a good 
location.  GPS is 1.5 GHz, so you have to pay attention to loss in the coax.

These are my opinions.  I hate spam.

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