[time-nuts] gravity, space and time

folkert folkert at vanheusden.com
Sat Dec 13 06:16:35 EST 2014

> If I understood it well, we should occasionally encounter gravitational
> waves going through, well, the whole galaxy. As time and space are
> intertwined, those ripples may be measured somehow I guess.
> Isn't this that "we as time nuts community" can help the scientific
> world with? E.g. create some kind of grassroots effort where our very
> accurate clocks can detect this? I can imagine all kinds of reasons
> that existing infra for this may not always be able to detect this on
> its own.
> What do you think?

Thank you all for the replies.
Conclusion: not feasible.

I got inspired by this project: http://www.uradmonitor.com/ which
installs radiation monitors all over the world at peoples homes and
then monitors for gamma radiation. Cool project. It's with atmel328
cpus, ethernet and a geiger muller device in a tiny metal box that can
be installed outside.

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