[time-nuts] Linear voltage regulator hints...

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Sat Dec 13 21:25:55 EST 2014

> **  I'm assuming that the GPS does not use the OCXO output for its 
> own timing.  That is such a good idea, I can't understand why more 
> designers don't do it.

It adds to the cost. If the end-user only needs XO or TCXO quality timing, there's no incentive to increase the size and cost and power of the GPSDO product with a OCXO.

But, you're right, it *is* a really good idea, and of course we all know the Trimble Thunderbolt does it this way. One reason why it's always the #1 favorite GPSDO among time nuts.

Note that most high-end GNSS timing receivers go one better and simply have an external input for the clock. That way you feed your own lab clock into the receiver. If you have Rb/Cs/maser you would use that as the reference. It's what the national timing labs do, along with dual-frequency and post-processing and all the other tricks of the trade.


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