[time-nuts] Linear voltage regulator hints...

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Sat Dec 13 23:53:44 EST 2014

>>Note that most high-end GNSS timing receivers go one better and 
>>simply have an external input for the clock. That way you feed your 
>>own lab clock into the receiver. If you have Rb/Cs/maser you would 
>>use that as the reference. It's what the national timing labs do, 
>>along with dual-frequency and post-processing and all the other 
>>tricks of the trade.

> I'm still waiting for the TAPR buy of such receivers, $250 each fully 
> checked by someone named Tom....
> Best regards,
> Charles


I've been collecting a set of matched, used dual-frequency GPS receivers just for this purpose, including borrowed units from other time-nuts. The goal is a full comparison among them and then pass them along to interested members. I'm getting position solutions at the cm level. Bug me in 2015 for an update.


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