[time-nuts] Which First GPSDO to buy?

Patrick Tudor ptudor at ptudor.net
Sun Dec 14 01:56:36 EST 2014

> On Dec 13, 2014, at 9:47 PM, Chris Albertson <albertson.chris at gmail.com> wrote:
> Actually I've added  some features to it like a 2 line by 16 character LCD
> display and some status LEDs.  And I can log data to a computer via a USB
> cable so it is easy to plot data and it is using my more expansive mast
> mounted timing antenna.

Just in case any of you like reading Arduino code, for fun or functions to copy-and-paste,
the code for my PCB that combines an ATMega328p with an Adafruit GPS and 
16x2 LCD to display GPS info as it sends the PPS out the DB9 DCD is at GitHub.
It’s not exactly, say, measuring oscillator cycles (yet... ) but it’s perhaps
a good introduction for someone who’s never ever before used anything Arduino.
(And now that I’ve done more PCBs with Cypress and FTDI chips, I wish I’d put 
that straight on my board instead of as a future daughterboard, but, feature creep.)


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