[time-nuts] Frequency distribution isolation transformers YCL 20F001n arrived

Arthur Dent golgarfrincham at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 12:46:57 EST 2014

paulswedb at gmail.com
"Another Time-nut suggested the use of 10 baseT ethernet transformers for 10
MHz isolation that he pulls from old ethernet boards. The 20F001n. These
are available from UTSource on ebay at 90 cents each NOS. Ordered 20.

Well I have to say as a BPF or something for 10 Mhz they are
lousy.......... "

Before you pooh-pooh these transformer/filters, try feeding a 10Mhz square
wave into a one of these filters and check out the fairly clean sine wave
you get out. These are handy cheap units and I have used them in the past
as a quick and not so dirty way to clean up a 10Mhz signal.

Several companies made these and they are all basically the same unit.


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