[time-nuts] Connections for FE-5680A rubidium sources

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Tue Dec 16 09:02:28 EST 2014

Dave wrote:

> > I suggest you go to http://www.febo.com/pipermail/time-nuts/  back a couple
> > of years and you will find every thing you ever want to know about  the FE
> > 5680A. Similar to the recent Lucent activity
>I did do that, and found various comments about various options, and
>people note knowing what options they had. I'm in the same situation.
>I was hoping someone would know more about this specific part, as
>there seems to be a lot of variations on this.

If you go back and actually read the discussions instead of just 
skimming them and deciding it's all noise, you will find all of your 
questions answered.  They're list posts -- lots of questions and 
speculation, and a few gems.  You need to persevere to find the gems.

Best regards,


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