[time-nuts] DeLorme Tripmate GPS receiver

ed breya eb at telight.com
Sat Dec 20 18:23:51 EST 2014

I just picked up an old DeLorme Tripmate GPS receiver for cheap, and 
am wondering if it can be used for getting a 1 PPS signal. I looked 
online a little and found it's pretty common, but didn't see anything 
about getting deep into the guts. Most hacks seemed to be about 
getting it powered up, fooling it into starting up (apparently the 
character string "ASTRAL" has to be sent to it), and running to 
output navigational info (NMEA). The interface is a DB-9 serial 
connector that I suppose went to a PC and nav software. I don't care 
about that, and I don't want to even talk to it - just whether it can 
be fired up and automatically running with an internal mod, to get a 
1 PPS out, without "ASTRAL" or anything else.

Does anyone know or have info about this aspect, or info about the 
guts - block diagrams, sub-modules, documents, schematics, etc? I 
haven't opened it up yet, but will soon see what's in there.


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