[time-nuts] Lucent KS-24361; resolution TI 10 ns only?

Hans Holzach hans.holzach at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 08:57:19 EST 2014

i noticed that the resolution of the PPS TI relative to GPS is 10 ns. is 
there a scpi command to get a better resolution?

a few trivial observations:

my boxes have been up and running for a few days only, but they seem to 
behave pretty well. however, a few things kept me busy for a while: i 
plugged the data cable into the diagnostic port of unit 0 because it is 
the one that is on, while unit 1 is in stand-by mode. new values for the 
cable delay, the elevation mask and the position were accepted and could 
be queried, but they were not visible on the status screen and had no 
effect (e.g. sats below the new angle were still used). only when i 
plugged the cable into the diagnostic port of unit 1 (in stand-by) the 
new values were accepted, displayed, and used. i find this behaviour 
rather strange...

communication can be speeded up a bit by selecting 19200 baud instead of 
the default 9600 baud.

i prefer UTC time displayed over GPS time. while it was possible to 
switch to UTC time, it was not displayed in the status window. it was 
necessary to power cycle (!) the units to see UTC time.

the units work nicely with GPSCon, even on my mac with CrossOver.

without all the information available on this list (and in the 58503 
manual) i would never have been able to bring these boxes to life. many 
thanks to the list!


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