[time-nuts] HP 53131A - reset security code

Mod Mix modmix at t-online.de
Tue Dec 23 18:04:34 EST 2014


I got a used HP 53131A to which I added a stability option board (ocxo).
In order to calibrate the device, a security code is needed - I don't 
know it. The seller doesn't know it. It's not the facorty set code.
Advice on how the reset the non-volatile memory would be much appreciated.

Thank you very much & happy Christmas


 From the 53131A service guide:
A calibration security code feature allows you to enter a security code 
(electronic key) to prevent accidental or unauthorized calibrations of 
the Counter. The security code is set to 53131 or 53132 (corresponding 
to the model) when the Counter is shipped from the factory.
If you forget your security code, you can reset the security code to the
model-number default by resetting all of the non-volatile memory to a 
default state (Contact Agilent Technologies for this confidential 

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