[time-nuts] Soekris without a GPS receiver.

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Dec 29 04:07:07 EST 2014

From: Paul
I've avoided asking why you're doing this because -- to misquote Yoda --
"Do nor do not, there is only try"  But if you're not switching out the
system clock it doesn't really seem like either a time-nut or ntp-nut

Thanks for your comments, Paul.

The project arose partially because I was offered a net4501 and accepted as 
I had heard of its good reputation.  So far, the best results in terms of 
reported NTP offset have come from Raspberry Pi systems running a 
non-tickless Linux.  My previous FreeBSD system using the DCD line for PPS 
had to be converted to Linux, and is now not as good as it was, and perhaps 
similar in quality to non-tickless Linux on the Raspberry Pi cards.  So in 
the interests of knowing whether the net4501 could be even more precise, and 
perhaps tying it in with a recently purchased LTElite card, and learning 
more in the process, is why I'm doing this.

I hope that is within the remit of this group.

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