[time-nuts] Xtendwave Everset chips update

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 12:49:39 EDT 2014

Emailed Pete at Everset about the ES100 and 200 chips and unfortunately
only chip dies are available. I am good but not that good.
He suggests that someday a vendor will be selling a clock and thats the
only reasonable option that will be available.
All in all completely unattractive, as someone is going to pay for this
clever new timecode and it surely won't be me.
Though if the clocks are in the $20 range thats a different discussion.
Somehow I suspect its the $1000 range. No honest clue though.
So clearly not a useful path to d-psk the wwvb or actually anything else.
Tom so much for the predictive approach at least to a point.

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