[time-nuts] FASTRAX GPS

jim s jwsmail at jwsss.com
Wed Jul 2 01:17:38 EDT 2014

I was being a bit lazy.  The 15' distance gets from a couple of spots in 
the room with my systems and lab, and also is already terminated, and 
there is no issue with the power since it would be totally contained in 
the unit.

But your suggestion and some work making the cables would work best.

To you and Hal who suggested it, is this unit suitable for outputing a 
1pps timing signal?  Wouldn't the long serial option Hal suggestion mess 
that up, vs. using this method to put the Fastax as close as possible to 
a system which which would have the systems gpio and serial ports attached?

Thanks to you both for answering.

On 7/1/2014 9:30 PM, Bob Stewart wrote:
> Jim,
> Are you trying to find out how to hook up a receiver in your 
> office/radio room to an antenna that is some ways away?  Or are you 
> specifically trying to remotely hook up a receiver near your antenna?  
> If the former, just use RG-6, like for cable TV, with adapters on each 
> end.  RG-6 has such low loss that the impedance change is not an 
> issue.  I've got a 30+ ft run up to the attic to a cheap GPS puck 
> antenna for my setup.  Others have much longer runs and it works OK.
> Bob

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