[time-nuts] Can anybody use a Fluke 207-1 VLF Rcvr/Comp or Trak Time Code units? Plus, Free Stuff Aug. 1/2

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Sat Jul 5 17:12:10 EDT 2014

Hi Walter,

Thanks for the posting here on Time-Nuts and the advanced warning of your annual event. I know those of us in the Pacific North West will consider the car trip.

To fellow time-nuts -- Walter has been on the 'net for a very long time. See his superb web site (http://sphere.bc.ca/). He and I share a fascination with calculators, slide rules, and nixie tubes (both related to the historical pursuit of precise time & frequency). I have no connection with his company (never even met him), but I can spot a 'nut from anywhere.


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Subject: [time-nuts] Can anybody use a Fluke 207-1 VLF Rcvr/Comp or Trak Time Code units? Plus, Free Stuff Aug. 1/2

>I am trying to make some space in a very over-crowded storage area here.
> I have a very nice Fluke VLF receiver comparator, s/n 130 c/w chart recorder, 
> but never got a chance to try it out, because we have no antenna.  if it's worth 
> $50 to somebody, plus shipping, it can be yours.  l also have a huge range of 
> Trak (and others) time code generators, receivers, code converters, etc. email 
> if any interest, set up your own cape canaveral launch control room! Not sure 
> why I ever bought them, but they can certainly be yours.
> Also Sphere is having its annual Free Stuff event this coming friday and 
> saturday (Aug 1+2),
> tons of free parts, test gear, Rf/microwave, electronic scrap, etc. Email for 
> more details, or check the Tek and HP user groups on Yahoo. We have been doing 
> this for over 10 years, people seem very pleased with what they get. yes, we are 
> in Canada, but lots of people come up from washington and oregon, it's a great 
> weekend excursion! We do take requests if we happen to have what you need.
> all the best,
> walter
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