[time-nuts] Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer - redux

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
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First, an apology.  When I changed the topic on my original post, I thought that would be OK.  Apparently that's still a thread-jacking.  Sorry.

I'm still interested in this Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer thing, though.  On page 335 of the pdf linked below by Dave, there's an experiment with an MRS using water and the magnet from a magnetron available back then.  Apparently the resonant frequency of hydrogen nuclei in water is 6.131325 MHz in that magnetic field. Did anyone ever pursue this with the idea of creating a frequency standard, or was the technology just too primitive at the time?  Perhaps it's a repeatability problem from the magnetic flux standpoint?  I can guess that temperature changes would cause enough of a flux strength change to cause a problem, but that's just a guess.

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A PDF of the 1960 book can be found here:



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