[time-nuts] Timelab & Agilent 53230a

David Tang dtang at sitime.com
Tue Jul 8 16:49:07 EDT 2014

Hi everyone,

This may be a rookie question...  I am trying to measure phase noise using Timelab and Agilent 53230a but I get a "This plot contains xDEV/phase/frequency data only -- no phase noise or AM noise records".  I tried the following settings and other variations but still get the same result.  Can someone point me to how to measure PN with a 53230a?  Thank you very much for your time.

In Time Lab
Measurement:  Phase noise
Acquire from HP 53220A/53230a at specified IP address
Data Type:  Time Interval  (also tried Frequency)
Input Frequency:10e6
Scale Factor 1.0
Bin Density 29
Bin Threshold: 4
Trace History:1
Trace Duration: 10 min

On the Counter
Auto (also tried Continuous)

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